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ModernHype x LegitGrails

ModernHype has collaborated with LegitGrails in order to ensure that all the items sold in-store and online are 100% authentic. LegitGrails' team of experts has verified each item and provided a unique authenticity certificate, as well as a hang tag, which are both linked to a specific item.
There is a unique code that can be verified on both www.modernhypehtx.com and  https://legitgrails.com/ in order to make sure that the tag is linked to the right item.
LegitGrails is an online service, which strives to promote authenticity and confidence in what people wear across the world. Their team has verified items from more than 50 countries, and is now focusing on consulting stores such as ModernHype. This partnership ensures that all the items sold by ModernHype online and in-store are authentic, which saves the owner and the customers time and money, which could possible be spent on counterfeit goods.